Leather is an extremely durable, dynamic material suitable for multiple purposes. It has a long history of application in both apparel and industry due to the versatility it can deliver when properly processed.

Where the reputation of leather has suffered due to low-quality material we recognize the scope of application through focusing on premium quality material with an understanding of where – and what – leather can perform.

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Zetaworks are leather specialists: you will hardly find a team with a greater depth of knowledge. We work with every variety of leather, supporting you to choose the material best suited to your project offering a flexibility of service few competitors can match.

We maintain close-knit relationships within the leather manufacturing industry, meaning we can accommodate the majority of bespoke requests with a short new product development cycle.

  • Range of materials customized per client specifications
  • Tailored solutions satisfying every niche
  • Dynamic serial production process
  • Ongoing product optimizations

If you require a dynamic, agile and reliable 3rd party operations partner, Zetaworks are your perfect match. As a small business, we offer a personalized service affording transparency in the manufacturing process with ongoing confidence in product quality.

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