Zetaworks offers manufacturing services for bespoke leather material. We can accommodate the majority of requests with a short development cycle.
Let us know what you are aiming to do and we can support you in choosing a good leather type for your project, or supply you with a custom solution if you already know your requirements.

There is a large range of different leather types that have different uses, strengths and weaknesses. As such, it is very hard to define a standard price for a material this versatile. Read below to find out more about the different leather types and their price ranges.

  • Leather, custom made to your requirements
  • Large range of material types available
  • Cutting and sewing on demand
  • Professional consultation

Cutting & Sewing

We have multiple partners that can cut and sew leather to specification, ranging from small local businesses for small projects to larger international companies for higher volumes.

We can help you bring your material in shape, from idea to finished product.