Company profile

Zetaworks is a collective of leather specialists with expertise in tannery, product design, and scalable manufacturing supported by robust project management experience. Our ambition is to encourage the adoption of top-quality leather with Zetaworks as your operations partner.

Our team earned its colors in the automotive industry designing, managing, and error-proofing new products and processes with a focus on long-term reliability through the application of automotive quality tools. We have since taken what we learned to apply the skill set in a variety of sectors – and to great effect.

We offer both product design and manufacturing services acting as a third-party contractor; allowing businesses to benefit from the diversity of leather without the operational overhead. Combining unparalleled expertise with an affection for an extraordinary material, we have already partnered with a range of clients to develop a range of innovative products.

And we’d love to work with you!

While split-leather is our core focus, we can incorporate – or use exclusively – any leather-type in our process thanks to strong industry contacts. This guarantees clients a high-fidelity product tailored precisely to your specifications, only using split-leather where its application makes complete sense.

Manufacturing is a fast-moving space: it takes adaptability and a certain fleet-of-foot to remain competitive. At Zetaworks, we do our best to stay flexible to client demands offering a level of attention only a small-scale business like ours can.

Our mission is to help you bring unique creations to market.